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Secondary 1



Lesson Objectives

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:



The Real Self

(Part 1)


(60 mins)

·        know how one’s perception of his body is linked to personal experiences and the sources of information that are taken in

·        recognise that one’s self-perception is influenced by his perception of his body

·        know strategies to develop healthy/positive perception of one’s body.


Term 3 W4

Lessons about Love (Part 1)


(60 mins)

·        recognise the importance of cultivating friendships with members of the same and opposite sex

·        recognise what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships

·        recognise the influence of peers on oneself and one’s value system

·        distinguish between various types of love

·        know that the underlying value for healthy relationships is respect

Term 3 W9


(60 mins)

·        recognise the importance of developing a friendship before committing to a romantic relationship

·        recognise what dating involves

·        know the different levels of physical intimacy in a relationship

·        know that certain public displays of affection are not considered appropriate behaviour in our society

·        recognise that it is important to seek their family’s views, beliefs and expectations with regard to dating and romantic relationships in teenage years

Term 3 W10

“Familiar” Strangers Alert

(Part 1)


(60 mins)

·        reflect on the reasons for people to use social networking sites to make friends or to engage their existing friends

·        know the usefulness and dangers of making friends over social networking platforms

·        recognise that the media can influence the way people think, feel and behave

·        identify ways to protect themselves from negative influences from the media

Term 4 W1


5 – Part 1

(30 mins)

·        know the physiological, psychological and social impact of sexual abuse on the individual

·        recognise the provision  of Singapore laws that serves to protect teenagers from sexual perpetrators and persecute those who have committed such crimes

·        identify sources to seek help and support

Term 4 W2

5 – Part 2

Main Task

(30 mins)

Description of the Main Task:

·       Students are to work on the main task in groups of 4 or 5

·       Groups will describe how the media can influence relationships (with self, peers, and the opposite sex)

·       Groups can choose to present this in the form of a song, short 1-min video, rap, poster or any other preferred mode

·       To assess learning, teachers may want students to submit a short write up to describe their work or a personal reflection after the main task.