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Secondary 2



Lesson Objectives

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:



Lessons about Love (Part 2)


(60 mins)

·        identify why relationships break down

·        identify the emotions that accompany the breakdown of a relationship

·        know healthy ways of coping with rejections and breakups

·        recognise the need to be respectful and responsible in ending a relationship

·        know ways to seek support when going through a breakdown of relationship and offer support for those going through the same

Term 3 W1


(60 mins)


8 – Part 1

(30 mins)

·        recognise the sources of temptation and situations that lead to pre-marital sex

·        resist pressure to engage in sexual activities

·        know the consequences of engaging in pre-marital sex

·        recognise that respect and responsible decision making are important in relationships

·        recognise the value of sexual abstinence

·        identify sources to seek help and support when faced  with teenage pregnancy

Term 3 W2

8 – Part 2

Main Task

(30 mins)

 Description of the Main Task:

·       In groups, students will choose 1 out of 3 given scenarios.

·       Through the chosen scenario, students will share

o   the consequences of pre-marital sex

o   the value of abstinence before marriage

o   skills to say ‘no’ to temptations or pressure to have sex

·       Depending on the scenario chosen, groups can present the above through a short skit / presentation, song lyrics/ poem, or a comic strip / poster, or other preferred modes.

·       At the end of all the presentations, students are to assess and reflect upon their own learning using a reflection form.

At the Crossroads

(Part 1)


(60 mins)

·        describe what pornography is, and why people view pornographic materials

·        examine the effects of pornography on self and others

·        know what masturbation is, and its relation to pornography

·        recognise the harmful consequences of excessive masturbation

·        recognise that they are able to make responsible decisions to manage their sexual desires

·        know appropriate sources to obtain accurate information about sex

Term 3 W4


(60 mins)

·        know/define what gender role is

·        know the influence of family, culture and society on one’s perception of his/her gender role

·        appreciate/ affirm one’s own unique qualities and characteristics as a male or female.

·        know/define what sexual orientation (heterosexuality and homosexuality) is

·        recognise the need to treat people with respect regardless of their sexual orientation

Term 3 W7