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Student Leadership


Unyielding and Illustrious student leaders who lead with conviction


Empowering Self and Others

Encouraging Collaboration 

Empathising with Others


Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility, Tenacity

Desired Outcome

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A student leader who is others-centred and values-driven in his/her service to the school and community.


A student leader who has the moral courage to make decisions for the common good of all in school and community.


A student leader who leads with the unreserved support of those who follow.


A student leader who mentors, builds up and betters the lives of their peers.


A student leader who embraces adversities and effects positive changes.

Student Leadership Structure

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Legacy Projects by the Juying Secondary Student Council (JYSC)

The inaugural legacy project was launched in January 2020, titled ‘Delivering Kindness’. These student-led initiatives included hosting the Chinese New Year Appreciation Lunch for janitors, desiging gratitude cards, distributing   oranges to JYians as well as care fruit baskets and snacks for staff and janitors.

2020 – Delivering Kindness

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After the Circuit Breaker, the JYSC welcomed the school back with collaterals produced with the new skills our SCs picked up during the full home-based learning period. They designed and put together ‘Back To School’ video clip, posters as well as our very own ‘Uniquely JYian’ Whatsapp Stickers Pack. 

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Scan to access the StickersScan to view the 'Back to School' video clip

Besides developing collaterals, the JYSC also partnered with the Class Committee to design class bonding games led by them, while maintaining safe distancing. The JYSC in collaboration with the CCA leaders also participated in Kindness Day by turning Singapore bright and yellow on social media.

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Despite the challenges brought forth by the Covid-19, the student leaders rose up to the occasion and brave through the storms with an innovative mindset.