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Student Leadership

SLD Committee 2018.png

Organisation Chart

Mr Herman Loh (SLD OIC)
Mr Soh Wei Qiang (Prefect Master)
Ms Lynette Wong (Prefect Team)
Ms Maybellina Lim (Prefect Team) 
Ms Suhana Jumadi (CCA Leaders' IC)
Mr Soh Ming Quan (Class Leaders' Team)


Every Jyian a Values-Driven Leader.


 Confident, CompassionateCompetent and Committed student leaders who serve the school, community and nation.



Leading Minds, Caring Hearts, Helping Hands

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

                                   -  Mahatma Gandhi

Key Student Leadership Programmes


Level (Why)

Leadership Training Programme (How)

Secondary 1

Personal Leadership
Self – Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March

Secondary 2

People Leadership
Relationship Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March
Student Leaders’ Training Part 2 - June

Secondary 3

Professional Leadership Leadership Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March

Outward Bound Leadership Course (OBS)
Planning and preparation of Sec 1 R3IGHT (Orientation) Camp Workshops

Secondary 4/5

Purposeful Leadership
Pursuing Excellence

Conducting of Sec 1 R3IGHT (Orientation) Camp

Secondary 1 leaders are given opportunities to explore the different leadership types during the March holiday workshop. This is aligned with our school’s Sec 1 learning intent of Self-Mastery. Through this workshop, they learn to respect each other’s strengths, weaknesses and unique personalities. 

Our Secondary 2 leaders took up responsibilities in helping the school and community during the March and June holiday workshops. This allows them to practice graciousness and give back to the society by deeply engaging with people. Relationship Mastery is developed when the leaders come together to contribute and achieve a common aim in serving the community. 

Exceptional student leaders from the Secondary 3 cohort were given the opportunity to enrich their leadership mastery by taking part in the Outward Bound Leadership Course (OBS). This 5D4N leadership course demands resilience and integrity from our students as they underwent both physical and mental challenges to stretch their limits. Towards the end of the year, the teamwork of the Sec 3 leaders will be put to the test in terms of planning and preparing for the upcoming Sec 1 R3IGHT (Orientation) Camp. 

To recognise their leadership journey in Juying, the school will empower Secondary 4 and 5 leaders to pursue excellence in the running of the Sec 1 R3IGHT (Orientation) Camp where they will practice humility in welcoming their new juniors into the school. Through this orientation camp, our leaders are able to look back at their past 4/5 years in Juying and be reflective in their leadership journey as they embrace their next education journey after Juying.

Student Leaders' Investiture 2018

2018-2019 Prefectorial Board.jpgStudent Councillors 2018
2018-2019 CCA Leaders.jpg2018 CCA Leaders
2018 Upper Sec Class Committee.jpg2018 Upper Secondary Class Committee

Student Leaders' Investiture 2017

Juying Secondary held its annual Student Leaders’ Investiture on the 21st of March 2017 to celebrate the inauguration of our next batch of student leaders taking on their respective leadership roles in their classes, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and the Prefectorial Board. 

This year, the Prefectorial Board came up with the theme, Symbiosis- Bow and Arrow. Symbiosis signifies the connection and strong relationship between the student leaders and the school community. This mutually beneficial relationship can therefore be compared to the idea of a bow and arrow, working hand in hand, trusting in order to achieve great things for Juying.

3- Student Leaders Investiture (Prefects).jpg
Student Leaders' Investiture 2017 (Prefectorial Board)

2017 Prefectorial Board Executive Committee.jpg
2017 Prefectorial Board Executive Committee 

2017 Head Prefect(Angel Tan) Speech.jpgHead Prefect Angel Tan's speech during the Student Leaders' Investiture 2017

4- Juying CCA Leaders trying to look fierce.jpg
Juying CCA Leaders trying to look fierce!

5- Upper Secondary Class Committee.jpg
Upper Secondary Class Committee 2017

6- Lower Secondary Class Committee.jpg
Lower Secondary Class Committee 2017

LEAD Camp 2018

Lead Camp 17.jpeg
Lead Camp 4.jpeg
Lead Camp 1.jpeg
Lead Camp 2.jpeg
Lead Camp 3.jpeg
Lead Camp 13.jpeg
Lead Camp 10.jpeg

Other Activities 2018

Sec 3 OBS 2018 at Pulau Ubin.jpgSec 3 OBS at Pulau Ubin
Lead Camp 15.jpeg

Lead Camp 9.jpeg
Sec 2 LEAD Camp 

 Sec 1 R3IGHT Camp at West Coast Park
Sec 1 R3IGHT Campfire Night 2018.jpgSec 1 R3IGHT Camp Campfire
Sec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Hip Hop).jpgSec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Hip Hop 1).jpg

Sec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Band).jpg25698260658_b76e512527_z.jpg
Sec 1 CCA Selection