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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Development Programme

Here at Juying, our Student Leadership Development Programme is based on the belief that every JY student leader has the courage to serve as they lead and make R2IGHT choices to positively influence others and bring about changes. We believe every JYian can be a values-driven leader and contributing citizen and we encourage our leaders to seize the opportunities available to them and strive for personal growth, so that they can S.H.I.N.E in his/ her own way. 


S.H.I.N.E is a set of dispositions we aspire to inculcate in our student leaders.

Aligned to our belief, Juying places strong emphasis on Student Leadership and has put in place distinctive programmes to nurture the leadership potential of our students. Every student will begin their student leadership journey from Secondary One through self-leadership modules integrated into the school’s CCE.

Using a STEER approach, students with leadership potential and readiness are identified, and given opportunities to develop their leadership competencies. Our signature programs include the Annual LEAD Program to enable potential CCA Leaders to transit well into their leadership roles.


STEER approach in developing student leaders
Throughout the year, we equip student leaders with relevant knowledge and skills, and provide them with opportunities to apply them in authentic settings and make positive contributions to their community and beyond. Opportunities like organising class-based or school-wide events, initiating and planning service learning projects and leading PASSION modules and campaigns help student leaders sharpen their leadership competencies and be a gracious citizen with a strength of character.   

Recognising that our environment gets more volatile, uncertain, complex, ambigious and disruptive (VUCAD), in particular with Covid-19, we want to help our student leaders navigate and overcome the challenges they face by tapping on their strengths and leverage the strengths of others. Intentional touchpoints were organized to allow leaders come together to support one another and brainstormed ideas together.   

Through our whole-school approach, Juying Student Leadership works closely with other stakeholders and partners, with the aim to impart and nurture in our student leaders competencies that will help them be unyielding and illustrious individuals who lead with conviction for life. These competencies include:  
(i) Self-awareness
(ii) Strong Communication and Influencing skills
(iii) Growth Mindset
(iv) Critical Thinking and Sound Decision-making
(v) Graciousness and Others-oriented
(vi) Creative Thinking and Innovativeness
(vii) Ability to Coach/ Mentor others

Leadership boards in Juying

In Juying, there are currently four leadership boards, Student Councillor (SCs), CCA Leaders, Class Leaders and Peer Support Leaders. These leaders collaborate and drive in activities and events to achieve a shared Positive School Culture (PSC) which comprises of three focus areas set out by our Principal – a Gracious Community, Strong School Pride and Good Discipline.

1.    Juying Student Council (JYSC)

The Student Councillors represent the pinnacle of student leadership in the school. They are driven individuals serve the school in various ways. They carry out strategic initiatives and activities that improves student life, leads fellow students and student leaders in organising events and student conversations that would contribute to a Positive School Culture. The Student Councillor’s journey is one that is extremely challenging, yet extremely fulfilling. Check out the Student Council page to find out more!

2.     CCA Leaders

The CCA Leaders are exemplary individuals from various CCA Executive Committees who plays a big part in enhancing their CCAs and work towards keeping their members engaged and united to achieve their best.


3.    Class and Peer Support Leaders

The Class and Peer Support Leaders promote a dynamic and caring class culture. Class Leaders serve their classes with pride and work together with their form teachers to create/maintain a positive class environment and culture for their peers to learn and grow. Peer Support Leaders are a caring group of leaders who aims to create a culture of positivity and care within the school, and helps to foster bonds and belonging in class. They provide active peer support and are advocators for social and emotional well-being. 

4.    Special Leadership Appointments

At Juying, there are many additional opportunities for Jyians to develop themselves. Other than through positional roles in the leadership boards, students are encourage come forward to lead in self-initiated or school-wide projects, such as being Open House Ambassadors, Orientation Group Leaders or through LLP (PASSION) VIA projects.

Click on the year to check out the projects our student leaders have delivered in the recent years: