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Student Leadership

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Every Jyian a Values-Driven Leader.



Leading Minds, Caring Hearts, Helping Hands

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

                                   -  Mahatma Gandhi

Key Student Leadership Programmes


Level (Why)

Leadership Training Programme (How)

Secondary 1

Personal Leadership
Self – Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March

Secondary 2

People Leadership
Relationship Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March
Student Leaders’ Training Part 2 - June

Secondary 3

Professional Leadership Leadership Mastery

Student Leaders’ Training - March

Outward Bound Leadership Course (OBS)
Planning and preparation of Sec 1 R2IGHT (Orientation) Camp Workshops

Secondary 4/5

Purposeful Leadership
Pursuing Excellence

Conducting of Sec 1 R2IGHT (Orientation) Camp

In line with our vision of developing gracious leaders with strength of character, we entered 2019 with a list of programmes aimed to develop our student leaders to better serve the school and the community.

During the March holiday workshops, our secondary one and two student leaders went through an intensive training programme that was catered according to their roles in the school. Class committee leaders were taught to be aware of their own leadership style and how to support their teachers in terms of classroom management matters. Trainee councilors discovered the essence of leadership and the power of team dynamics which provided them with the knowledge and platform to see how leaders can tap on their leadership to effectively influence others. Lastly, our secondary two potential CCA leaders and student councillors went through a discussion programme on facilitation skills and hosting dynamics to improve and upgrade their communication skills. Our June holiday workshop differed from previous years. Our student leaders were given an experiential learning platform of an amazing race to discover how best to manage conflict and work with one another to form strategic bonds that will aid their duties in the future. 

With our existing external partnership with Campvision, a total of 24 JYians were given the opportunity to partner with working professionals on a shared journey to develop and nurture their own communication and leadership skills. This continued partnership allows our JYians to be coached by world renowned executive leadership coaches to experience a steep learning curve in their leadership journey. 

Lastly, the annual Secondary 2 Leadership Experience And Discover (LEAD) Camp that is run by teachers, will be the pinnacle for all the Secondary 2 student leaders’ leadership journey as only the most deserving leaders will be given the opportunity to go for a 4 days 3 nights experiential outdoor adventure camp. 

SLD will continue to develop JYians to be tomorrow’s leaders whose decisions are strongly influenced by the school’s R2IGHT values.

Organisation Chart

Mr Herman Loh (SH SLD / CCA)
Ms Suhana Jumadi
Mr Soh Ming Quan
Mr Choong Guo Wei
Mrs Irene Yue
Mr Soh Wei Qiang (Student Council)
Ms Lynette Wong (Student Council)
Ms Maybellina Lim (Student Council)
Ms Ng May Ling (Student Council)


Developing Confident, CompassionateCompetent and Committed Student Leaders
who Serve The School, Community and Nation.

Other Activities 2018

Sec 3 OBS 2018 at Pulau Ubin.jpgSec 3 OBS at Pulau Ubin
Lead Camp 15.jpeg

Lead Camp 9.jpeg
Sec 2 LEAD Camp 

 Sec 1 R3IGHT Camp at West Coast Park
Sec 1 R3IGHT Campfire Night 2018.jpgSec 1 R3IGHT Camp Campfire
Sec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Hip Hop).jpgSec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Hip Hop 1).jpg

Sec 1 CCA Selection 2018 (Band).jpg25698260658_b76e512527_z.jpg
Sec 1 CCA Selection

Student Council Investiture 2019

01.jpg2019-2020 Student Councillors 

2019-2020 CCA Leaders

03.jpg2019-2020 Class Committee

Activities 2019

Campvision- 24 JYians passing the interview process
March Holiday Workshop- Movie Night Role Play
March Holiday Workshop- Opening briefing
June Holiday Workshop- Amazing Race at Gardens by the Bay
June Holiday Workshop- Amazing Race at Marina Bay Sands
June Holiday Workshop- Problem solving in terms of transport matters

LEAD Camp 2018

Lead Camp 17.jpegLead Camp 4.jpeg
Lead Camp 2.jpeg
Lead Camp 3.jpeg
Lead Camp 13.jpeg
Lead Camp 10.jpeg
Lead Camp 1.jpeg