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  • How do I get to Juying Secondary School?
    School Address:
    33, Jurong West Street 91, Singapore 649038.


  •   How to Get here:

    Bus Services: 99, 241
    Nearest MRT Station: Boon Lay (Bus 241), Pioneer (Bus 241), Joo Koon (99) 
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  • How can I contact the school?

    Tel: 6308 9898 (phone) / 6793 2835 (fax)

  • Where can I buy the school uniform?
- In JYSS, during Sec 1 Registration.
- At the School Bookshop

  • When are the School terms / School holidays?
    Click HERE to find out more (MOE)

  • Where can I find out more about Direct School Admission (DSA) to Juying Secondary School?
    Click HERE to find out more

Finance Matters:
  • What are the school fees for Secondary School education?
    Click HERE to find out more (MOE)

  • How do I make payments?
For cheque payment, either post the cheques or call into our General Office. 
Please make cheques payable to 'Juying Secondary School’.
- For cash payment, you can make payment directly at our JYSS General Office.

  • I would like to find out more about the Financial Assistance Scheme and Bursaries.
Click HERE to find out more (MOE)

CCA Matters:
  • Where can I find out more about CCAs and CCA-related matters in Juying Secondary School?
Click HERE to find out more.

  • Can my child join more than one CCA?
We do not advise students to join more than one CCA due to the need for greater time commitment. However,    permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 
The student should see the PE/CCA HOD to discuss his or her ability to balance school work and additional CCA responsibilities.

Academic Matters:
  • What are the school's niche programmes?
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  • Does JYSS offer Subject-Based Banding?

  • Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?
    Yes. However, our school strictly enforces a no mobile device policy within classrooms, unless students are given permission to use their devices by their teachers as part of the lesson.

  • What is the policy on attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods?
    Students must be dressed in school-approved tops and school uniform bottoms or the full school uniform if they wish to enter the school during non-curriculum periods.

  • Are there Student Counselling services available at JYSS?
    Yes. Please click HERE for more information: